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ISACNT played a pivotal role in establishing the industry-led Darwin Aviation Skills Centre
Territorians discovering renewable energy for enhanced business operations
Identifying workforce issues, skills gaps and training needs in the Early Childhood Education and Care Industry

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ISACNT focuses on building training and skills for a sustainable workforce.

NT Industries

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Business, Financial and Information Technology

Performance and accessibility of technology is critical to the growth and competitive advantage of any business. Training and up-skilling is essential to maintain digital capacity for these constantly evolving industries.  

Personal, Retail & Recreation

Influenced by income and expenditure habits, the Personal, Retail and Recreation industries in the Northern Territory provide an indicator consumer confidence.  

Automotive, Transport and Logistics

Significant development in new technologies makes the Automotive sector a leader in innovation. Enhancing workplace skills is also critical for the development of Transport and Logistics Services in the Territory.  


Maritime, Seafood & Aquaculture

The Northern Territory boasts a diverse and vibrant Aquaculture industry alongside is a rising demand for training to support our growing Maritime and Seafood sectors. 

ISACNT supports these sectors with the following resources: 

- Fishing and Aquaculture Insight
- NT Maritime Academy Report 

Aviation & Aerospace

The Northern Territory Aviation and Aerospace industry is experiencing momentous growth through the application of technologies and strong performance in innovation.  

ISACNT supports these sectors with the following resources: 

Aviation Insight
- NT Aviation Academy Report

Health & Community Services

The Health and Community Services shape the delivery of culturally appropriate public health and personal welfare for all Territorians. 

ISACNT supports these sectors with the following resources: 

- Aged Care Insight
Community Services

Education, Skills & Training

In today's workforce imparting skills and knowledge that are transferrable will support students and learners through Education, Skills an Training to harness a diverse range of opportunities. 

ISACNT supports these sectors with the following resources: 

Early Childhood Education and Care Insight

Public Administration & Defence

A substantial number of people employed across the Public Administration and Defence industries contribute to regional stability and local economic stimulus in the Northern Territory. 

ISACNT supports these sectors with the following resources: 

Defence Support Industries Maritime Maintenance Insight
- Current Defence Support Industries Insight

Hospitality, Tourism & Creative

As essential economic and employment drivers for the Northern Territory maintaining skilled Tourism, Hospitality and Creative workforces is critical. 

ISACNT supports these sectors with the following resources: 

Hospitality Insight

Construction, Civil & Manufacturing

The Construction, Civil and Manufacturing sectors are integral to the ongoing development, growth, and economic expansion of the Northern Territory. 


Resources & Utilities

The Territory has an investment to increasing the uptake of Renewable Energies and exploring the innovations of the vast scale of ores, minerals, and metals across the Territory. 

ISACNT supports these sectors with the following resources: 

Renewable Energy
Mining Insight

Agriculture, Horticulture, Land & Animal Care

Agribusiness opportunities in the Territory provide a platform for the development of new crops, new technologies and new practices. Care for land and animals is part of this opportunity.  

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