If you’re facing a skills shortage within your business or industry, it is very important to inform Industry Skills Advisory Council NT (ISACNT). Providing feedback may give you access to recruitment opportunities, migration solutions or funding to upskill your workforce.

Your feedback will directly contribute to the Northern Territory Skilled Occupation Priority List (NTSOPL).

What is the NTSOPL?

The Northern Territory Government's Skilled Occupation Priority List (NTSOPL) identifies jobs in high demand or that are critical to the local economy and industry.

How can you contribute?

ISACNT works with industry all year round to gather intelligence in support of the list. We also send out an annual survey and ask industry to contribute. When you receive the survey, we strongly encourage you to participate; this influences how the government may provide funding and workforce development support to industry.

Cycle of NTSOPL

Who is ISACNT and what is our role?

Data Collection:
Ongoing and targeted following up

Validation and Review:
Checking of the information 

How does ISACNT use industry intelligence for the NTSOPL?

By meeting with and gathering intelligence from industry throughout the year, ISACNT can provide the Northern Territory Government with information on occupations that are in high demand and those that are considered critical to industry.

2018 Northern Territory skilled occupation priority list