Is Your Business Struggling to Find Skilled Staff?

Is your business struggling to find skilled staff?
Every business will struggle to find the right people with the right skills from time to time. The reasons are as varied as the occupations themselves. Technological changes will impact, where you are located, and remuneration is always a factor. You may be in an industry that has lost its attraction to young people and your workforce is aging. The issues you face may be short term or may take several years to rectify.

What is SOPL and why do we need it?
Each year the Northern Territory Government publishes a list of priority occupations identified by industry as being in demand. This list is called the NT Skilled Occupation Priority List or SOPL for short. In addition to highlighting the occupations in demand it then identifies the training requirements for that occupation.

Some occupations are in demand because industry considers them to be critical to the future needs of the industry.

To assist industry in developing their workforce skills capabilities for these occupations, full or partially funded training programmes may be developed and offered to NT workforce. In addition, the list might also inform planning for migration solutions for business across the NT.

How can you contribute?
Whether you are having difficulties finding the right people, or nervous about finding the people you need to complete a specific project or not, we want to hear from you!

Meet in person
ISACNT’s engagement team meets with all industry stakeholders including business owners and industry associations all year round to gather workforce intelligence. Contribution is not limited to those who are experiencing difficulties recruiting the right people, we also want to hear from people who don’t have any issues! 

Online survey
To support our face to face efforts, there is an annual survey that we ask industry to complete and provide feedback. Click Here to complete the survey.

Completing the survey ensures that your business’ circumstance is considered when the team is developing recommendations.

Your voice is important!