VET Qualifications Reform – what might future qualifications look like?

In October 2020, Australia’s Skills Ministers agreed to prioritise VET qualification reform as part of the national skills reform agenda.  

The new qualification design concepts aim to provide the below outcomes: 

  • Broader vocational outcomes to recognise cross-sector skills  
  • Reducing complexity in training delivery and assessment advice   
  • Improved links between training products and the pathways to employment and further education  
  • Ensuring products are sufficiently flexible in responding to evolving industry skills needs 
  • Improved articulation and pathways between education sectors 

One concept is to redesign the structure and content to focus on occupational standards aligned to job roles, specifying what a person needs to know and do to perform a job function in the workplace.   Occupational standards form the building blocks of a training programme for an occupational outcome (transferrable across industries) and can be complemented with specialised or industry-specific skills.   The occupational standards would be identified by industry and ideally not require frequent updating.  Assessment arrangements are yet to be fully investigated for a new model of skills delivery.  

While Skills Organisation Pilots are conducting design trials for three specific industries, broader views are being sought from those interested in training product design, development, and delivery.  

The proposed design restructure is a significant shift from current arrangements, and NT stakeholders are strongly encouraged to be part of this national conversation.  

VET educators and industry experts are invited to share views via the Qualifications Reform Survey by Monday, 20 September.