Urban Pest Management in the Northern Territory

Over the past 50 years, pesticide production and usage has increased dramatically worldwide, revolutionising the management of pests for the protection of public health and property.

Updates to training products are underway for Urban Pest Management to address the emerging specialisation of pest control functions and advise on pest strategies, particularly in commercial and health settings.

We encourage NT industry to participate in providing feedback on the current ‘Urban Pest Management’ project, the first round of consultations are complete and final draft products have been developed to reflect the feedback from industry;

Certificate III in Urban Pest Management
The core units within this qualification has been updated to better reflect competencies that are essential to Urban Pest Management, as well as more optional or specialized units included within the elective units.

The development of a new Certificate IV in Urban Pest Management;
To provide a stepping-stone for learners wishing to upskill. The above Certificate III has been made a prerequisite of the Certificate IV. Changes have been made to the elective units and revisions have been made to the packaging rules.

Do these changes reflect the industry needs for the Northern Territory?

Draft 2 products are available for public review – feedback is due COB Wednesday 29th May, 2019

Please contact Neda Aleksic on 08 7913 7514 to arrange a time to discuss how you can be involved in the review.