Training standards for nine crane High-Risk Work Licences are under review

If your job involves working with cranes or you are an employer in the heavy lift industry, you may know that the training crane operators need to gain a High-Risk Work Licence is about to change.

Nine training standards from the TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package are being aligned with Safe Work Australia standards while aiming to alleviate training hurdles for stevedores and increase safety in beyond-visual operations.

Proposed changes include removing the prerequisite of a DG licence across nine crane licence classes while incorporating essential dogman skills in each unit.  Additionally, there is a proposal for 600 operating hours, instead of holding a C2 or C6 licence, for C1 or CO licences.

NT Subject Matter Experts are encouraged to review the draft documents, consider the impacts on the workforce, and provide comments and suggestions by Monday 9 August.

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