Online Complex Projects Simulation - Test Your Skills

Effective project leaders are developed through practice and feedback. Pilots, medical specialists and astronauts use simulation to develop their skills and reduce the risk of failure under pressure. This is an exciting opportunity for project leaders, organised in competing teams, to manage and “live” a complex project in the safety of a virtual simulated environment. It enables participants to work on a project from start to finish; to make critical decisions and to see the impact of those decisions – all in a virtual team.

The experience uses the construction of a football stadium but the lessons are relevant to complex projects in general. This includes making decisions, engaging with stakeholders, using effective communication skills and managing teams. Virtual teams compete to achieve the best project outcomes but the real opportunity is the chance to compare the decisions made by each of the teams.

Prendo’s Spatium simulation provides an intense, risk-free experience of managing a complex project. Developed with the Major Projects Association, the simulation provides an opportunity for project professionals to apply their complex project leadership skills.

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