Industry Skills Forecast Report

Across the vocational education and training (VET) sector there are over 4000 training providers educating approximately 4.2 million students, delivering 3.7 million program enrolments across 30.1 million subject enrolments.

The responsibility to ensure students learn work ready skills that meet industry needs cannot be understated. This gives learners the chance to make an impact when they enter the workforce and upskill or reskill throughout their working lives.

Each year an Industry Skills Forecast (ISF) is developed to assist in understanding how the VET system is supporting employers to develop skills in their employees.

Over the next few weeks the ISACNT team will be contacting NT employers to gain their input on this research.  This will be gained through a series of 9 short answer questions that are then collated to represent NT employer experiences.

We hope you will participate if contacted by one of our team.  If you would like to volunteer your advice, please contact Neda Aleksic at 08 7913 7514 or complete our on-line survey.