Health Care & Community Services National Review of Workforce Development Initiatives

The Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) has partnered with the Community Services Industry Alliance to develop a repository of all workforce development training programs across Australia’s human services sectors:

  • Aged Care Services
  • Disability Care Services
  • Veterans Care Services
  • Allied Health Services
  • Community Health Services
  • Early Childhood Education and Care Services.

The intent is to assist the HSSO share learnings across the sector with the potential to improve funding and access to resources and knowledge.

ISACNT encourages NT service providers, government, RTO’s, and research organisations to participate in this initiative.

You can get involved by completing an online HSSO survey or contact Andrew Hamilton directly.

Alternatively, contact Debbie Knight from ISACNT by email or phone 08 7913 7517 by 15 May 2021 to arrange a face-to-face meeting.