Fast Tracking MOMENTUM For Future Business Growth

Territory business owners are invited to be inspired by two of Australia’s Engineering Rock Stars who have made waves across a range of industries including Pro surfing, Defence, vehicle manufacturing and Formula One. 

Dr Michael Myers is a mechanical engineer who, over 30+ years, has steered a multitude of cutting-edge projects; from developing the use of 3D printing surfboard fins for Kelly Slater; to using gaming technology to help Toyota reduce work-related injuries; to the digital modelling of the ANZAC Frigate refits.

Professor Richard Hopkins’ remarkable career started with work experience at Jack Brabham’s Formula One racing team headquarters in the UK.  He later became an integral member of the McLaren team working alongside Ayrton Senna, Kimmi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton to name a few, before joining the Red Bull Racing Team as Director of Operations and playing an instrumental role in 50 Grand Prix victories.

Michael and Richard have some fantastic stories and will be sharing them with Territory business whilst encouraging businesses to venture into the world of creativity and innovation by tapping into a new generation of skills and connecting with the workforce of the future.

“You’ll be amazed at the potential of young people” said Dr Myers when referring to the work produced by students who have or are, studying in school-based STEM programs." 

“We can learn so much from working with kids.We have everything we need right here”.

While STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, what it’s really about is developing key skills such as problem-solving, analysis, teamwork and communication.  Dr Myers prefers to think of it as “the way to use knowledge”.

STEM education is already happening in the Territory and gaining momentum;
“We’re excited to be coming to the Territory to talk to business people”.

ISACNT is proud to present ‘MOMENTUM’, an opportunity for NT businesses to find out how STEM curriculums prepare our kids for the high-tech future and, more importantly, how your business can engage with the workforce of the future.”

MOMENTUM is a FREE event proudly supported by the Northern Territory Government in two Territory locations.

Darwin Hilton 5 until 7 pm on Wednesday 24 March and the Hilton Doubletree in Alice Springs, 5 until 7 pm on Thursday 25 March.

To reserve your place click the link to your preferred location.


MOMENTUM Alice Springs