Disability Support, Individual Support and Ageing Support - Qualifications Review

There are different models and modes of training delivery for existing and developing care workers. Vocational training draws on the use of three interrelated qualifications:

Certificate III in Individual Support
Certificate IV in Ageing Support 
Certificate  IV in Disability

Northern Territory subject matter experts are invited to apply critical and creative thinking to the sector's potential future.

Questions for consideration 

Should there be entry requirements?

What are the essential skills for caring across individual, ageing and disability support services?

Do the core units of competency reflect all workers' skills and knowledge at a Certificate III and Certificate IV level?

Are there specific skills to be completed before undertaking training in a unit of competency?

The qualifications and units are available for comment on the Skills IQ Online Feedback Forum. 

If you would like to meet locally to provide input please contact Debbie Knight on 08 7913 7517.

Supporting this review is a discussion paper exploring Disability Education Delivery across the country. To contribute to this discussion, please use the feedback template or call Debbie Knight.