Bulletin #9 Training Package Activity

The 35th meeting of the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) was held on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Key items of discussion include:

Members were informed that all states and territories have now signed on to the Job Trainer schedule with places already available in South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.  Information on Job Trainer courses now available from the MySkills website.

Training Package Development

The AISC provided endorsement approval for sixteen training package development projects:

Local Government - the transition of 23 quals to 5 quals, removal of 211 units Transport & Logistics - Rail Infrastructure, Fuel Storage, Logistics & Warehousing
Public Safety - Emergency Management - Aviation roles Aviation - Industry Skills
Rooftop and Vertical Gardens & Nursery Production Property Services - Fire Protection Inspection & Testing - transition to 2012 standards
ICT - Applied Technologies & Specialist roles in Telecommunication Correctional Services - Dog Handling, Offender Engagement, Correctional Management
Metalliferous Mining - New & Emerging Technology  Culture and Creative - Training Package Update 50 quals, 546 units. Conditional approval for Live Production qualifications.
Public Safety - Defence Simulator Maintenance, Defence Health & Safety.

Financial Services – Mortgage Broking, Customer Services, Insurance, Core Disciplines & Specialisms.

Maritime – Compass Adjustor, Dynamic Positioning,  Maritime Operations, Maritime Towage

Water Industry – Water Industry Operations, Water Treatment
Pharmaceutical – Bioprocessing Technologies

Gas Industry – Gas Leak Survey, Gas Control Systems, Gas Processing, Pipeline Emergency Repairs

VET Reform

AISC agreed to commence with the deletion of units that have had zero enrolments over the past three years.  Units will be accessible if identified as required in the future.

Commitment to the implementation of minimum timeframes for training package development and prioritisation of work to be gained through changes to the Training Product Development and Endorsement Process Policy.

Forward Planning

Confirmation of meeting dates through to Dec 2021

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