Bulletin #8 Training Package Activity

The 34th meeting of the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) was held on Tuesday 13 October 2020.

Key items of discussion include:

The Chair noted that Will Kestin’s appointment ends in October and confirmed action is underway to have a new member for Tasmanian representation. The Chair also noted that a new Skills Senior Official representative is being sought as a replacement for Dr Simon Booth. Details of new appointees will be shared when confirmed.

Members discussed the next steps to support the immediate priority of streamlining national training products with the agreement to work with Industry Reference Committee’s (IRC) on products recommended for deletion (due to absence of enrolment) from the national register. Deleted products will be accessible but cannot be delivered by an RTO towards and accredited training outcome.

Additionally, the AISC will work with IRCs on a framework to determine the priority of products to be reviewed. This is a continuation of work explored in 2019.

Ms Tiffany Blight of the National Careers Institute updated the AISC on recent achievements:

  • the rollout of the Your Career website (yourcareer.gov.au) to help people find quality career and study information
  • establishing a grants program to help develop better career services for people at all stages of their career
  • administering the Australian Training Awards that celebrate best practice in apprenticeships and VET sector
  • implementing the Enhanced Support for School Leavers measure established on 1 October 2020 to provide career targeted information for school leavers.

Training Package Development

The AISC provided endorsement approval for thirteen training package development projects:

  • Agronomy, Sales and Merchandising
  • Indigenous Environmental Health
  • Agricultural Biosecurity
  • Ambulance and Paramedics
  • Building Surveying
  • Building Information Modelling Awareness
  • Surveying and Spatial Information Services
  • (Police) Crash Investigation and Analysis
  • Polymer Processing and Technology
  • Tree Safety
  • Civil Construction
  • Medicinal Crops

Projects provided with approval to proceed:

  • Maintenance of air handling equipment for fire and smoke control
  • Installing, commissioning and maintaining variable refrigerant airconditioning systems
  • Rail Customer Service
  • Textile fabrication and production
  • Applied fashion design – technology and merchandising
  • Strata community management

Forward planning

Confirmation for 2021 calendar to include eight AISC meetings plus two IRC Chair days.

Members agreed to the extension of all IRC membership and Chair appointments until 30 June 2021, except for those rotating positions associated with ITAB representation.