Bulletin #13: AISC Updates – August – October Meetings

With the increased volume of training product development work and a pending transition of the current arrangements, the AISC have shifted to monthly meetings.

The most recent meetings were held in August and October and this is an update on outcomes of those meetings.  

Key Items of discussion or decision

Reviewed products for the CHC qualifications for Individual Support, Ageing Support and Disability have been endorsed by the AISC on the proviso that the products are referred to the SSON as part of endorsement with the intent of gaining advice on: 

  • Common outstanding issues on package content & structure across jurisdictions and 
  • Steps that can be taken to support RTO uptake and delivery of new products.  

Gavin Lind of the Mining Skills Organisation Pilot provided an update on critical issues of skills development for the sector including: 

  • Digital transformation 
  • Apprenticeship delivery 
  • Attraction and retention 
  • Qualifications reform 

A model of an accelerated apprenticeship is currently being trialled in WA and Qld which, if successful, could be considered across other industries.    

The AISC received an overview on the Transition Advisory Group’s engagement with key stakeholders on the plans for new industry engagement arrangements.  When finalised, such arrangements will replace current framework of the Skill Service Organisations and Industry Reference Committees.    Updates on Quality & Qualifications Reform were also provided.  


Cases for Endorsement 

The following projects were approved by the Committee for referral to Ministers for endorsement inclusive of: 

AMP Meat Processing - Meat Rendering

FNS Financial Services – Life insurance, Finance & Mortgage Broking 

SHB Hairdressing and Beauty – Review of existing qualifications plus new qualification for Cosmetic Tattooing and Skin Therapy 

MAR Maritime – Operations (Linesperson) and Dredging Operations 

UEE – Electrotechnology – Transition to 2012 Standards  

CHC Community Services – Individual Support, Ageing Support & Disability (approved subject to final approval of SSON) 

HLT Health Services – Allied Health Assistance & Health Support (in principle approval subject to final approval of CHC products) 

TLI Transport & Logistics – High Risk Work Licence Units 

AUR Automotive – Accessory Fitting, Battery Electric Vehicle Repair, Heavy Vehicle Telematics Service & Repair 

BSB Business Services – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Governance, Cyber Security Awareness, Organisational Disruption 

HLT Health Services – Health Administration 

ICT Information Technologies – In-demand Technologies, Refresh of ICT products 

MEA Aerospace – alignment to Aerospace Licensing Regulations 

RII Civil Infrastructure – Civil Asset Management 

SIT Tourism Travel & Hospitality – Cookery, Catering & Patisserie

TLI Transport & Logistics – Refresh and Update of TLI products 

UEG Gas – Refresh and Update of UEG products



Additionally, the AISC approved 20 new cases for change spanning 11 training packages.  

For more details on all ASIC decisions and discussions visit the AISC website

Next meeting: The next AISC meeting will be held on Friday November 12th