Bulletin #12: AISC Meeting June 2021

The 38th meeting of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) was held on June 22nd, 2021.  

Key Items of discussion or decision: 
Differing interpretations of policy have been applied to standalone units within the national training system.  While definitive advice will be developed as part of the VET Reform processes, a set of principles will be published on the AISC website as an interim measure to establish consistent understanding and decision making.  

The AISC determined it could not agree to the application of the Electrotechnology IRC to mandate workplace based training.  Advice has been provided to Skills Ministers on the matter and there is an expectation that the matter as part of the ongoing review of the Training Package Organising Framework.  

Jodie Davis of the Direct Client Care IRC provided an update on the review of Cert III Individual Support and the Cert IVs for Ageing Support and Disability. Members agreed on the need for widespread promotion of the next round of consultation to ensure appropriate stakeholder input is gathered.  

In the context of a shift in the current arrangements for Industry Engagement associated with training package development work, a set of principles will be applied to consideration of new cases for change that arise within what is regarded as a transition period.  

AISC will consider: 
Evidence that a project can be completed by Dec 2022; which will require a detailed project plan as part of the case for change application.  

The capacity of the IRC and SSO to meet the commitments of the project plan.  

If a project is of critical importance but cannot reasonably be completed by December 2022, that it will be in a state that will allow for efficient transition to any new arrangements applicable at that time.  

The AISC noted the out of session agreement to fast track a training package project to resolve long term issues relating to high risk work licence units of competency within the TLI Training Package.

Cases for Endorsement 
Five Cases for Endorsement were approved by the Committee for referral to Ministers for endorsement inclusive of: 

MSM - High Pressure Water Jetting
Development of new skill set and unit of competency plus review of existing units and skills sets.

RGR - Racing
2 qualification revised.

FBP - Food Processing
Review of 17 qualifications, and 114 existing units plus development of 17 new units of competency and the merging and deletion of products for streamlined outcomes.
FBP - High Volume Baking
Updated qualification, 9 new units of competency and revision of 15 existing units.
FBP - Flour Miling 
Review of existing units of competency and update of 2 skill sets plus the deletion of products for streamlined outcomes.

Additionally, the AISC approved 25 cases for change spanning 10 training packages.  

For more details on all ASIC decisions and discussions visit the AISC website
Next meeting: The next AISC meeting will be held on Wednesday July 21, 2021.