Bulletin #11 Training Package Activity

The 37th meeting of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) was held on 20 April 2021.

Key Items of discussion or decision:

  • Chairs of the IRCs for Aged Care, Disability Support and Direct Client Care provided an update to the Members on the progress of the qualifications in review.  The review is well underway, with feedback from draft 1 products being analysed for further product development.
  • The chair of the Education IRC provided an update on the proposal to review the TAE training package, which, if approved, will complement the current work to develop a VET workforce quality strategy.
  • The committee confirmed the term of current IRC memberships and roles (chairs and deputies) to December 31st 2021, with the intent to support any transitional arrangements flowing from current discussions on Industry engagement.
  • Delivery of First Aid training through RTOs is anticipated to continue with updated advice in the context of the resuscitation activities to maintain state and territory health requirements.  The updated advice will be reviewed by October 30, 2021.
  • The Entry to Care Roles will be extended for six months to December 31st, 2021, to allow for course completion and evaluation and support for the ongoing demand in related job roles.
  • A decision was made to develop a consultation strategy that provides for engagement with Safe Work Australia on all training products related to High-Risk Work Licences.
  • Members agreed to commission the development of resources to support RTOs providing an RPL service for students and research to examine the impact of the Cert III entry requirement on Diploma enrolments/completions over the next 12-24 months.

Cases for Endorsement

CHC - Children’s Education and Care – approval of 2 updated qualifications approved – from Feb decision.

 Decision included an agreement to:

  • Remove pre-requisites from two units in Diploma
  • Retain entry requirements to the Diploma
  • Delete the Cert IV School Aged Education and Care

Case for Change

The following projects have been approved to progress for product review and development:

Business Services

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Governance
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Organisational Disruption


  • Glass and Glazing

Additionally, the AISC approved Skill Sets for:

  • Mental Health and Organisational Disruption Skill Set – 1 new unit of competency as Skill Set

For more details on all ASIC decisions and discussions, visit the AISC Website.

Next meeting: The next AISC meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd June 2021.