Bulletin #10 Training Package Activity

The 36th meeting of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) was held on 23 February 2021.

Key Items of discussion or decision:

  • In response to further stakeholder advice regarding training products with zero enrolments, members refined the original recommendations for deletion of units from the national training system. The AISC Secretariat will manage a targeted communications campaign that includes RTOs, to raise stakeholder awareness of the AISC decision.
  • The Committee noted progress to implement key activities in the action plan to strategically engage and enhance support to the Industry Reference Committee (IRC) network. The action plan is available on the AISC website and stakeholders will be provided with regular updates on key activities being undertaken. Members also noted a stocktake of IRC members had been undertaken, with changes to be reflected on the AISC website.
  • The Committee discussed a draft paper on the IRC network. This report compiles existing membership data and is in lieu of a four-yearly review of individual IRCs under the IRC Operating Framework. The Committee agreed to progress the paper out of session.
  • Mr Mark McKenzie Chair of the AISC Digital Transformation Expert Panel, and Transport and Logistics IRC Chair presented evidence and findings from the Expert Panel’s report, The Learning Country: Digital Transformation Skills Strategy. Report highlights the value of a comprehensive lifelong learning policy to ensure the VET system can respond to the digital change underway across industry.
  • The Committee noted the Safe Work Australia (SWA) Consultation Strategy developed by the AISC Secretariat in collaboration with SWA. The Consultation Strategy provides guidance to Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) and IRCs on how and when to engage with SWA for updates to VET Specified Courses referenced in model Work Health and Safety Regulations.

Cases for Endorsement

Thirteen Cases for Endorsement were approved by the Committee for referral to Ministers for endorsement inclusive of:


Children’s Education and Care – 4 of 6 qualifications approved in principle.   2 require further consultation and consideration.

Responsible Service of Online Wagering – Approved

CHC Cert IV Social Housing – Approved


Technicians Support – Clinical Coding - Approved.

Enrolled Nursing – Approved

Dental Assisting - Approved

Animal Care Management – Exhibited Animal Care – Approved
Pet Care and Animal Training – Approved

AMP – Diploma Advanced Meat Processing - Approved

AVI – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Excluded Operations – Approved

CPP – Access Consulting - Approved

TLI – NSB Integrated Logistics - Approved

MSF – Furniture Design and Technology – Approved

CUA – Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services – Approved


Additionally, the AISC approved Skill Sets for:

  • Cyber Security Counter Insider Threat
  • Manage workplace responses to disrespectful, aggressive or abusive customer behaviour 

For more details on all ASIC decisions and discussions visit the AISC website.

Next meeting: The next AISC meeting will be held on Tuesday 20 April 2021.