ASQA approves extended transition period for Construction and Plumbing

Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has approved an extended transition period for the delivery of 25 vocational education and training qualifications from the Construction, Plumbing and Services training package.

Due to the significant changes in qualification structure, the extension is granted to all registered training providers delivering the specific training products until 27 November 2022.

The following qualifications are approved for extended transition:

  • CPC20712 Certificate II in Drainage
  • CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry
  • CPC30511 Certificate III in Dogging
  • CPC30711 Certificate III in Rigging
  • CPC30911 Certificate III in Scaffolding
  • CPC31111 Certificate III in Steel fixing
  • CPC31511 Certificate III in Formwork/Falsework
  • CPC31712 Certificate III in Post-Tensioning
  • CPC31912 Certificate III in Joinery
  • CPC32011 Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery
  • CPC32211 Certificate III in Joinery (Stairs)
  • CPC32413 Certificate III in Plumbing
  • CPC32513 Certificate III in Plumbing (Mechanical Services)
  • CPC32612 Certificate III in Roof Plumbing
  • CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting
  • CPC32813 Certificate III in Fire Protection
  • CPC32912 Certificate III in Construction Crane Operations
  • CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)
  • CPC40208 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Contract Administration)
  • CPC40912 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services
  • CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
  • CPC50308 Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)
  • CPC50412 Diploma of Plumbing and Services
  • CPC50509 Diploma of Fire Systems Design
  • CPC50612 Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design

This decision allows for existing learners to have additional time to transition to new training products without undue impact.

For further information, please contact the Australian Skills Quality Authority.