Community Service Organisations provide the community with different services that meet a variety of population needs across Australia. These include services provided for the aged, people with disabilities, youth, children, marginalised groups, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and others in the community from different cultural backgrounds. Community Service Organisations may be from Government, non-government, not for profits or volunteer services in the community. Community sector jobs are expected to grow as:

  • Changing service delivery models reflect different ways of working to meet various client needs;
  • Choice and control by clients about how services are provided to them;
  • The general working population ages across Australia; and
  • Economic and productivity demands change in response to changing Government Policy.

Employment in Health Care and Social Assistance is the primary provider of new jobs in the Australian labour market since the 1990s and projected to increase by 250,300 (or 14.9 per cent) over the next five years. While the resulting increase in this industry’s share of total projected employment growth will be largely due to the full implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (scheduled for 2019-20), Australia’s ageing population and increasing demand for childcare and home-based care services also contribute to this strong projected growth.

(Reference: Department of Jobs and Small Business website accessed 25/10/18)

Working in Community Services can be both challenging and rewarding. Being caring, professional, compassionate and dedicated are some of the key attributes of community service workers. The job roles are diverse, and qualifications required to work in community services vary greatly between roles and employers. Go to the following pages to find out more about jobs in Community Services.