My role is to work collaboratively with industry and government to achieve shared or specific outcomes and provide strategic direction.

ISACNT maintain project management systems and reporting methodologies to align with multiple stakeholder needs, including Government and industry. We understand the importance of talking to stakeholders and providing proactive research and engagement.

My planning and operational expertise positions me well to identify priorities and undertake research on the current and future needs of specific workforce sectors.

I have a strong interest in the Defence sector where my experience will allow me to participate in evaluation projects relevant to the industry and provide workforce development initiatives.

As a Workforce Planning Officer I can influence contemporary practices in workforce planning and project management. If you’re an NT business, industry stakeholder or a training provider and have questions or comments that you would like to discuss, please get in touch.

Specialities: Operations Management, Training & Development, Administration & Reporting, Project Management, Risk Management, Leadership & Direction, Quality Assurance, Human Resource Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Risk Management