My role is to develop industry solutions by engaging with businesses and analysing research for workforce needs.

As a Workforce Planning Officer for ISACNT, my role is to research workforce needs, identify industry training gaps and liaise with stakeholders.

This is an important role that researches the current and future needs of specific workforce sectors. The research we undertake includes industry workforce and training needs for essential workforce planning.

Project evaluation is a critical component of what we do at ISACNT. In my role I evaluate projects to ensure results are being achieved, and to identify data and evidence for future workforce strategies.

With a strong background in the Education sector I bring a wealth of industry knowledge to this role. I have well developed connections across the industry and would be pleased to discuss how we can collaborate together.

If you’re an industry stakeholder, an NT business or a training provider and have questions or comments that you would like to share, please get in touch.

Management, Leadership, Human Resources Management, Organisational Behaviour, eLearning Technologies, Liaison, Project Management.