Transferrable and Technical Skills Employers Want

At the direction of the Business Services Industry Reference Committee, the team at PWC’s Skills for Australia commenced 2 years of research and consultation activities to deliver a national training package that aims to deliver a more adaptable and enabled future workforce.

The project had 3 objectives:

  • Promoting transferrable skills development to support mobility
  • Streamlining existing products to reduce duplication and enhance specialis
  • Focus on fit for purpose technical skills for six identified areas of demand including Human Resources, Marketing and Auditing & Compliance

With over 350,000 qualification enrolments per year, the Business Services Training Package has a key role to play in ensuring that delivery is keeping pace with continually evolving workplaces and Industries.

Consultation activities included national discussions with Industry Associations, Peak Bodies, Unions, Employers, Training Providers and Learners.  Northern Territory contributed their perspectives through engagement activities facilitated by ISACNT.

To support the implementation of the new package a range of resources are available including the Implementation Guide with expanded advice on contextualisation of units and their intent and a series of seven video guides on specialised streams within the package including Human Resources, Legal Services, Marketing and Audit & Compliance.

Video resources and the implementation guide are available at the PWC’s Skills for Australia page for Business Services.

If you would like to learn more about the BSB Training Package, or participate in the development of a sector specific training package, contact the team at ISACNT.