Transferable skills are in demand - New online tools for linking skills to career paths

Australians are now, more than ever, paying extra attention to the career decisions they make and the skills required for future jobs.

According to Australian Government research, Vocational Education and Training (VET) study accounts for the majority of training Northern Territory (NT) residents undertake, coming in at 35%, exceeding higher education (28%), other qualifications (3%) and no post-school qualifications (34%).

With recent workforce disruptions, and increasing demand for transferable skills across industries, will the NT VET study margin increase?

Adam Boyton, National Skills Commissioner for the National Skills Commission (NSC) writes to the Financial Review explaining; “VET qualifications can also provide transferable skills that are in demand across a wide range of occupations. So, in a period of rapid labour market change, where the future might be uncertain, identifying training options that can link to a variety of jobs provides a degree of insurance against that uncertainty.”

To support Australians in choosing the right career path, the National Careers Institute (NCI) has developed an Australian Government initiative; YourCareer. YourCareer is an online information hub, providing handy tools and links to assist with identifying career opportunities and skilling pathways.

Some tools include tips on resume writing, a School Leavers Information Kit and quizzes to match potential occupations based on individual interests, skills and experience. Users can also access links to local study (including local VET qualifications and short courses) and support options, lists of occupations, salary expectations and industry outlooks.

Industry Skills Advisory Council NT (ISACNT) encourage Territorians considering a new career to explore what technical and/or transferable skills could complement their future career path.