Think that creativity can’t be taught? Think again.

Everyone dreams of it. Being discovered. Making a name for yourself and making a lot of money. But how do you take that fabulous idea, turn it into reality and release it into the public domain?

Here at ISACNT, we are watching the business skills space with interest as buzz words like innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship echo throughout government policy.

The training and education sector has been put on notice about transformation of future jobs. Leaders in business need to be nimble enough to adapt and act quickly as “no industry is immune to the effects of the digital revolution – every company is facing unexpected challenges and pressures to innovate with unprecedented speed.”

How entrepreneurial are we as a nation?

When I looked at our international standing according to the ‘entrepreneurship’ indicator to see which were the best countries to be an entrepreneur, Australia was ranked 9th. Number one spot on the podium was Germany and it’s ‘highly-skilled workforce’.  In fact 4 of those top 10 countries included highly-skilled and highly-educated workforces.  Australia was not one of these.

Sadly, the skills people need to have to succeed don’t come conveniently in a little bottle. The work to develop nationally accredited training in this area will not be a quick fix, but it is essential or we will be left behind.

Events are a good starting point to learn creative skills

In the meantime, if you have a great idea and are not sure how to make it fly, or you are facing a tricky work problem you need to work through, there are things you can do, right now. 

For starters, let’s put you in a space with like-minded others to prepare and pitch ideas or work through solutions. 

The NT is holding its first community-led innovation festival Top End Ideas Fest on 22 April 2017. You can find out more and register for the event by visiting their website.

Another first for the NT will be the NT 2017 Australia Post Regional Pitchfest competition (think Shark Tank, but it’s live on stage). 

Use the Top End Ideas Fest to develop your idea and apply for the competition (entries close Friday 28 April 2017). There are prizes.

How about we just do it? Who knows, next time you’re sitting with friends at the dinner table, your idea may have transformed into reality of the next big thing.