Technology Rich Working Environments

As we build trust in technology, our jobs will continue to look and feel different.  Interact with the Industry Skills Advisory Council NT team at the 2018 Skills, Employment and Careers Expo to experience some of the technologies that will be impacting employment environments of the future.

What you will see:

The D2 Telepresence robot provides the user to have face to face presence remotely and for long periods of time, control movement around a workspace, communicate with colleagues or participate in an education environment.   D2 bots will re-define reception and service roles providing both mobility and virtual connections without compromising personal engagement.

PEAK focuses on specific cognitive skills such as memory, mental agility, problem-solving, focus and language (that is, ability to communicate). Games are visual to be engaging with references to other mind challenges such sudoku and scrabble.   Most activities are timed so you may feel a sense of urgency to complete set tasks. One of the highlights of Peak is the visual display of performance so you can instantly see your top skills.  

Surface Studio is an entirely new device designed for the creative process. Its roomy and adjustable 28-inch PixelSense Display provides a huge canvas for all kinds of work. Position it upright to sketch, paint, and edit photos, or lay it flat to draw on it like a drafting table.

Video calls feel like face-to-face meetings thanks to the 1080p camera and speakers powered by premium Dolby Audio. It also features the enterprise-grade security of Windows Hello2, which quickly signs you in with just a look. While designed for the creative process, Surface Studio marks a shift in workspace monitors and displays that will enhance virtual collaboration, encourage creative thought, design and innovation.

If you have enjoyed augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), you may be surprised with the endless capabilities of mixed reality.

HoloLens are giving us the ability to collaborate and solve problems regardless of distance as well as the exploration of 3D models ranging from buildings and human bodies to the universe.

Frontline workers can connect with technicians all over the world, receive instructions by overlaying artificial objects or images and retrieving data by the click of a finger in real time.

This real-time response is providing workers with higher confidence to make decisions and solve problems.  Visit the ISACNT stand to replace a tyre, explore the human heart or wander through the universe.

We look forward to seeing you somewhere in the Northern Territory over the next two weeks.