Strong and inclusive. Culturally safe.

Northern Territory has a 10 year plan for the Human Services Industry with launches in Darwin and Alice Springs unveiling the co-designed vision:

“Strong and inclusive organisations; supporting our people, our cultures and our communities through high-quality human services”

This is an industry that does some heavy lifting in the NT and at the launch in each location, there was a united feeling of energy and pride.

Access to these services is vital for peoples’ wellbeing and welfare. Let’s face it, most of us will need human services at some point in our lives. Then there is the change to service delivery models that focus on individual choice – why hello there, NDIS. Client centred support services sounds easy until faced with the realities of the NT. A third of the NT’s population is Aboriginal; 8 out of 10 aboriginal people in the NT live remote (and when we talk remote, we mean remote); 70% of those living remote speak a different language and there are over 100 different languages and dialects.

No surprise that one of the four priorities in the plan was a skilled workforce – flexible, skilled people with the ability to care for people across disciplines. Australian Government Employment Outlook to May 2023 estimates growth to this workforce of more than 40%. Fortunately, the plan identifies actions to address this growth such as details that explain ‘appropriate’ training such as cultural safety, literacy support, mentoring as well as better understanding of career pathways and workforce development options available.

“We won’t make a difference unless we work together”, Says John Paterson, CEO of the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the NT (AMSANT).

We hear you, John. Industry Skills Advisory Council NT is here to work with employers and peak industry bodies to build workforce capacity and to better understand possible career pathway options such as vocational education and training. For more information about how we can work with you, please call 08 7913 7500 or visit the ISACNT website. To read more about the Human Services Plan for 10 years, please go to