State of the Labour Market – Northern Territory August 2021

It is unlikely that the demand for skilled labour in the Northern Territory will scale down anytime soon, especially with a lengthy list of projects in the pipeline for the next decade.  

On Wednesday the 18th of August, the Territory’s Department of Treasury and Finance reported a 1.8% increase in Darwin Internet Job Vacancies in the July quarter of 2021. Demand for ‘Sales Workers’, ‘Professionals’, ‘Managers’, and ‘Technicians and Trades Workers’ increased by more than 5%.

On Thursday the 19th, Treasury and Finance reported a seasonally adjusted increase in full-time and part-time employment by 1.7% and 5.4%, respectively. The Territory’s participation rate also increased 1.5% to 71.2%, well above the national rate of 66%.

The Northern Territory Skilled Occupation Priority List (NTSOPL) reflects current and emerging occupational and skill trends required for upcoming or ongoing projects in the Territory requiring a skilled workforce.

Through NTSOPL intelligence gathered for 2021, ‘Aquaculture Farmer’ was identified as a critical job role in the demand for the NT. The advancement of Project Sea Dragon is predicted to provide over 1000 jobs to meet yearly operation targets and 6,000 tonnes of premium black tiger prawns. Continuous delivery of Certificate III in Aquaculture will support the skilling needs of this workforce.

Recently, the NTSOPL has been updated to reflect the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, with ‘General Practitioner’, ‘Resident Medical Officer’, ‘and ‘Security Officer’ in the High Priority category.

The annual list and the evidence that substantiates it provides guidance for workforce planning and development needs, allocation of training funding, employer incentives, recruitment activities, and migration solutions.

It has never been more critical to highlight difficulties in recruitment amid the health crisis and our economic recovery. Public Policy studies tell us that crises create prime conditions for radical policy change. Issues such as recruitment challenges are thrust into the spotlight, and with increased media attention and industry evidence, suitable outcomes can be achieved.

ISACNT’s consultation for hard-to-fill jobs is open for the 2022 list. For employers with recruitment challenges to report, please contact Neda Aleksic on (08) 7913 7514.