School to Work pathway in Aerospace


Currently in consideration, a strategic initiative to deliver a MEA20515 Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance to Secondary students in the NT in 2019 is gaining momentum.

The NT Department of Education, The Industry Skills Advisory Council NT, Aviation Australia and Industry stakeholders have worked together to identify and develop the Aerospace Training Program to address continuing workforce challenges and to meet the needs and  interests of both employers and students.

Continuing workforce challenges include:

  • An ageing workforce
  • New entrants lacking basic skills and depth of knowledge due to quality issues with training
  • The impact of emerging technologies
  • Financial pressures associated with high training costs
  • Thin markets

With the training being delivered by the well recognised Aerospace training provider, Aviation Australia, participants will develop a deep understanding of the nature and expectations of the industry while acquiring workplace skills that are in high demand by aerospace employers while still at school.  Hands on experience in a hangar and working on a real aircraft,  underpins the program delivery with training and assessment designed to be carried out in real work conditions.

The initiative is clearly designed to provide a direct pathway from school to work for secondary students into the aerospace sector.

Meeting the needs and expectations of employers is an important and key element of this initiative. It is designed to additionally consider the needs of other industry stakeholders and those of parents, schools, the Department of Education and the Training Provider.  Graduates from the program will be confident that the outcomes they achieve will meet the industry quality standards and provide the career development skills employers are looking for. 

It is ultimately the employers who will make the assessment of training quality, benefits to the sector and value of the initiative when deciding whether to offer jobs to young people.


The Aviation and Aerospace sector has been experiencing unmet demand for many years in several highly-skilled occupations that are critical to the safe and continued operation of flights.  There is ample evidence that the sector requires a steady supply of newly qualified skilled workers to meet their identified occupation and skill needs. 

It is highly desirable that a pathway into the occupations in demand is developed and maintained, as the sector’s occupational and skill needs are not currently being satisfied through existing supply streams.  A clearly identified locally supported pathway is essential to ensure supply is maintained to avoid skills shortages in the future.


There are two major work and training streams in aviation maintenance.

  • on-aircraft maintenance
  • maintenance of aircraft components in workshops.

Additional training and career opportunities   

  • Related aviation or aerospace qualifications
  • Defence - Air Force also have exciting career pathways in the Aerospace space.

Training with Aviation Australia

Aviation Australia is well recognised throughout the Aviation and Aerospace sector and by local NT employers of apprentices as providing world class aviation training.

Students participating in the School to Work Pathway will be able to integrate their school based learning with their VET qualifications, enabling them to complete their NT Certificate of Education and Training.   They will also obtain an Australian Industry qualification that is recognised nationally which provides a dual certification outcome at Year 12

It is planned that this School to Work pathway and the qualification, MEA20515 Certificate II Aircraft Line Maintenance, will be implemented in both Alice Springs and Darwin with a cohort of more than 30 participants a year progressing from Year 11 through to completion in Year 12.

It is envisaged that training will be provided under a School Cluster program across both Government and non-Government Schools.

This initiative is for those that:

  • Are interested in the industry
  • Are exploring a possible career field
  • Want to get industry skills and a nationally recognised qualification that employers value
  • Expand their career choices
  • Provide a way of learning that suits your learning style
  • Want to work with passionate  professionals in an exciting field.
  • Want to improve their opportunities for employment

Do you want to try a career in Aviation and don't know where to start?  Aviation Australian provides details on the school to work pathway, Aerospace Certificate II in Line maintenance or Contact Terry Lawler at ISACNT.