Renewable Energy Insight

The Northern Territory Government has set an ambitious Renewable Energy target of 50% Renewable Energy generation by 2030. 

The release of the Roadmap to Renewables report in 2017 and the subsequent implementation plan released earlier this month sets the scene for achieving the 50% target, moving from the current generation mix of 4% renewable and 96% gas and diesel.

The Northern Territory can boast an average daily solar exposure of 18-24 Megajoules per square metre on average, Solar PV has been identified as one of the greatest opportunities for the NT to reach its 50% renewable energy target.  Alice Springs is leading the way as the top postcode for solar generation in the NT.

Earlier this year, ISACNT engaged with industry and other stakeholders to develop an industry insight for the NT Renewable Energy sector.  

ISACNT is proud to release it’s 2018 Renewable Energy Insight.  The Insight highlights the many opportunities of the sector and the skills and occupations that will be required to ensure the sector has a skilled workforce available.

ISACNT Renewable Energy Insight is available HERE