Planning for rapid change in the Northern Territory

“In the Top End of the NT cyclones are treated very respectfully.  What begins as a beautiful morning can deteriorate rapidly by the afternoon when trees come crashing down, power is disrupted and driving rain is horizontal.  Be prepared.  Have a plan. This is good advice for cyclones.  It’s actually pretty good advice for business too.”  Melanie Brenton

Change in the work environment has been a constant over time.  It is not a new thing facing 21st century workplaces.  What is unprecedented, however, is the rate of that change and the size of the shift away from the comfort zone.  Work practices, jobs and consumer behaviour are all being reshaped and being reshaped quickly. Technology is more affordable.  Computer power is ever increasing.  Innovation cycles are quicker. Media reports sensationalise automation and artificial intelligence. The winds of change are indeed cyclonic, and disruptions are impacting.

How quickly and how well will you adapt to change?  What’s your plan?  What preparations can you make?

From a skills and capability perspective, there are things that you can do and there are policies and frameworks in place to provide support. One of the key support structures NT government has in place, is an annual check on the jobs in demand and the job vacancies that are hard to fill. The list of jobs is published around March each year and is used to prioritise government spending on training and to facilitate migration pathways for overseas workers.

Collecting evidence of skills shortages and jobs in demand from Territory businesses is a role of ISACNT. We listen to your tales from the trenches and treat your information confidentially.  We check whether the training available is aligned to the skills you want for the jobs you need doing. We ask you to help us draw a picture of the jobs in your industry, the skills needed to fill them and the training that has to happen to maintain capability; to adapt to the changes; to be ready to pounce on business opportunities.

It doesn’t matter if the training is reskilling, upskilling, specialisation or entry level; micro-credentialing, vendor specific or full qualification, we ask for your help to create the list and make sure it lines up your needs.  This is our preparation.  This is our plan to ensure our workforce, your workforce, has the support it needs to be the best it can be.

Preparations for the 2019 NT Skilled Occupation List are well underway with opportunities for NT businesses to provide feedback to ISACNT until November 2018. This input will enable ISACNT to inform the NT government and industry about critical occupational shortfalls in the NT labour force which will then flow to training investment.

The current NT Skilled Occupation Priority List is published on the NT government website.  

To talk about jobs in demand, skills shortages or to discuss training and skilling options in the NT, please contact ISACNT Industry Engagement Team.