Opportunity Blocks - Building Critical Foundation Skills in the Workplace

The three ‘Rs’ - reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic are the traditional foundations to build work and life skills. The 21st century addition is digital skills. Good literacy, numeracy and digital skills help every business. The application of foundation skills goes so much deeper than not reading or understanding numbers. Effective workers measure things, read things, write things, understand numbers, and communicate with others.

Your trade assistant needs to work from schematics and understand measurements. Your cleaner needs to read the Materials Data Safety Sheets for the products they use. Your administration team need to communicate the company’s professional image to clients. Your care provider needs to read and write file notes about the people they look after. Everyone has the right to a safe work environment which means we all need to understand work safety policies.

Symptoms of the consequences of not having an appropriate level of foundation skills include high staff turnover, stress related complaints, accidents, and financial losses.

Help is out there. As part of its Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow initiative, the Australian Government has set up the Foundation Skills for Your Future program to improve critical language, literacy, numeracy, and digital skills. This program means employers can access free training for their staff. 

To find out about the application process and eligibility in the Northern Territory, please speak to the NT pre-approved service providers:

Lennair Davies
Charles Darwin University
08 8946 7743

Lucia English
STEPS Group Australia
0437 350 629 / 1300 585 868

For more information about Foundation Skills for Your Future, please visit the Australian Government information page HERE.

To report skills in demand or vocational training needs in the Northern Territory, please contact the friendly team at ISACNT.