Open for Inspection – careers in the spotlight

An initiative of the Career Industry Council of Australia, National Careers Week aims to celebrate careers, career development, services and practitioners and to promote the benefits of career development for all Australians.

All around the country there are opportunities to see what different industries have to offer and the career opportunities that are in them. Stereotypes are getting challenged, young people can see for themselves the realities of what could be possible. Did you know that building a submarine is almost as complicated as building a spaceship?

There are a number of events across Australia including Australia’s first Digital Careers Expo (online). It’s a great chance to see many options all in one place.  For more details visit: National Careers Week Events Page.

A dream job and dream career may take on many versions and incarnations over the years.  Be open to it, be responsive to it. Careers week offers a starting point to explore dreams and expand horizons.

To find out more about how vocational training can be used to support career development and transition into work, a job and a career, please contact ISACNT.