One easy step to link jobs with skills development

Every good business person knows that having skilled people in place, gets the job done which keeps the doors open and money coming in, especially in the tough times.  Sometimes getting skilled people is not so easy, keeping skilled people can be a challenge and business report some job roles and locations simply do not attract skilled people.

Throughout the year, ISACNT has engaged with employers and other key stakeholders to collect and collate feedback that identified the occupations needing attention.  We have heard inspiring stories of innovative solutions implemented by workplaces.  We have heard sad stories of businesses doing it tough and reducing their workforce.  ISACNT has collated your feedback and our recommendations based on the evidence industry has provided, are with the Department of Trade Business and Innovation for consideration with economic modelling data.  Around March, the Northern Territory Government will release the annual list of priority skilled occupations in the NT.  This list is used to identify where support needs to be directed.

ISACNT would like to thank our stakeholders for their trust and their feedback, especially about hard to fill jobs.  We appreciate people are busy and sometimes skills development and recruitment don’t feature on the radar.

In 2019, ISACNT will build on information you have shared and work with you to support workforce development, vocational training development, and skills development.  We are here to help make the links to skilling initiatives that create and connect to the workforce you need.

Please contact us on 08 7913 7500 or via our website.