Northern Territory Launches Boundless Possible to Support Priority Occupations in Demand

For any business to grow, expand, transform, win contracts and keep operations ticking over, they need the right people.  Skilled people with experience and knowledge can be hard to find and even harder to keep.

In March each year, the NT Government publishes a list of priority skilled occupations.  This list is put together based on evidence that the jobs are in demand, are hard to fill, are possibly experiencing regulatory changes or require specific skills not readily available in the NT labour market.  This evidence comes from economic modelling and feedback from NT businesses. 

The launch of the brand “The Territory, Boundless Possible” has been developed by the NT Government to allow Territorians the opportunity to showcase their amazing ideas and help build our unique brand around the world.  Within the brand launch, announcements of incentives from the NT Government to attract people to live and work in the NT, is an example of how committed the NT Government is to grow population and the economy of the NT.  Linking “The Territory, Boundless Possible” brand to these initiatives highlights how this campaign may assist in attracting interstate workers for hard to fill jobs.

So how does a job get on the priority list to be eligible to attract this sort of support?

The list of skilled jobs in high demand is updated every year to make sure the occupations reflect the needs of local business.  Feedback from employers is an important part of the process.  If you have difficulty finding suitable employees, this is your opportunity to provide evidence and add your story to the feedback.  The Industry Skills Advisory Council NT (ISACNT) works with businesses and industry peak bodies to collect evidence on skilled occupation priorities. Evidence is collated and provided to the NT Government in December each year.

The NT Government has committed $17 million over seven years through its Population Strategy to attract around 2600 people to the Territory from interstate and retain them for at least five years.  ISACNT needs evidence from employers to make sure the skilled priority occupations reflects where help is needed.

Now is the time for you to make sure the skilled occupations your business needs are considered for the list by completing a short online survey or by contacting ISACNT Engagement Officers on 08 7913 7500.