Modern Manufacturing to Support COVID19 Recovery

In the wake of the global COVID19 crisis, the Federal Government has committed to boosting the Australian manufacturing sector, contributing nearly $1.5Billion through the Modern Manufacturing Strategy. The Strategy is part of the JobMaker Plan, designed to build future economic resilience strengthening Australia’s on-shore manufacturing capability across six priority sectors;

  • Resources technology and critical minerals
  • Food and beverages
  • Medical products
  • Recycling and clean energy
  • Defence
  • Space

The Strategy is underpinned by national reforms that focus on the wholistic manufacturing industry landscape such as energy, trade, taxation, industrial relations, workforce capability and capacity, innovation, and of course - skills.

Subject matter experts across these sectors are encouraged to participate in consultations to identify the skills Australian manufacturing industries need, and how to ensure they are readily accessible to develop a home-grown workforce.

Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA Manufacturing) are hosting a series of webinars to add to the conversation. ISACNT encourage Northern Territory manufacturing stakeholders to get involved by registering for one or more of these online discussions, and exchange knowledge with other subject matter experts to improve skills for the future Australian manufacturing workforce.

Lets not only bring manufacturing back to Australia but enhance the skills and productivity for our future.