A Life-Well-Lived for Northern Territory Ageing Population

Like many in our community you may be caring for or know of elderly people in care receiving assistance in their day-to-day life to remain active and independent for as long as they can.

If you’re not it’s highly likely you will be in the coming years! Our population aged 65 and over is expected to increase a whopping 242% by year 2041! That’s not too far away. In that same time our Aboriginal population aged 65+ is expected to increase even higher! 340%. 

I was staggered by these figures. and a little bit worried wondering where in the heck are we going to have a workforce to support me who will be a part of this ageing group let alone the rest of Northern Territory, NT’s ageing population! 

Taylor, A. and Payer, H. (2016). Population ageing in northern Australia: Seniors’ Voices on Ageing in Place. Journal of Population Ageing (2017)10: 181–196. 

National Aged Care Taskforce
Kerry O’Brien MC at the National Aged Care Taskforce meeting in Adelaide referred to the ‘great demographic change occurring across Australia’ and happening right in front of our eyes.  An attempt to look at what’s coming is a ‘hell of a thing to do’.   

Minister Wyatt has referred to the ageing workforce as the ‘fastest growing workforce’ across all industries, confirming how critical this workforce will be.   

To understand what is occurring requires a solid evidence base for Australia’s ageing population to provide the best opportunity for a life-well-lived.  

The National Aged Care Taskforce will soon be handing down the Plan for reforms to meet and respond to the changes occurring right across our nation in aged Care. The focus of this work over the past twelve months has been on five strategic imperatives urging everyone to challenge and reframe our thinking when it comes to aged care and ageing including:  

  • Recognise rising consumer demand for ageing services, acknowledging it is essential to have people that want to belong to this industry.
  • The second is about industry leadership, mindset and accountability.
  • The third is about the industry operating model, moving from the current to future state.
  • The fourth is around industry attraction and retention.
  • The fifth is translating research and technology into new models of care and practice.

Northern Territory Regional and Remote Aged Care Workforce
Early 2018 ISACNT staff surveyed over 80% of Northern Territory Aged Care Service Providers and conducted in-depth interviews with a range of key stakeholders. The findings from this research provide valuable and insightful information on the current state of NT aged care service provision, workforce status and vocational training occurring across NT.  We have shared these findings to the National Taskforce to make sure NT data contributes to informing a National Plan for action.     

You can view our research findings at our website. We welcome your feedback and happy to answer any enquiries you have about this publication.   You can download a PDF copy and a limited number of hard copies of our Aged Care Insight Report will be available.     

All ageing Territorians deserve a life-well lived.  ISACNT staff look forward to continuing the work with employers to bring forth a workforce that is aligned to the needs of NT’s ageing population. 

To connect with us you can get in touch with us today by contacting Judith McKay or following us and join in conversations at ISACNT LinkedIn