ISACNT Releases 2018 Defence Maritime Maintenance Insight

The NT Defence Industry Maritime Maintenance Insight 2018 has been developed and released by the Industry Skills Advisory Council NT (ISACNT) for the Northern Territory Government, NT Defence Industry, Training Providers and other related key stakeholders. A public launch of the Insight will be made by ISACNT at the NT Defence Support industry Awards at the Doubletree Hilton on 25 June 2018.

In October 2016, the Northern Territory Government’s Department of Trade Business and Innovation (DTBI) asked ISACNT to identify NT workforce skilling capacity demands that are and would be expected to meet Defence maritime maintenance capability requirements in Northern Australia. The proposal focused specifically on identifying the skills capacity of the NT Defence Maritime Industry relative to Defence Maritime and Border Force maintenance and sustainment of the Armidale Class and Cape Class vessels.

A concurrent defence support industry capability project, conducted by the Industry Capability network NT (ICN NT), provided ISACNT with Defence Industry capability output data.  From this data, trade packages and workscopes designed to maintain and service the vessels were identified.  These were then validated and linked to defence maritime industry workforce trade occupations, qualifications and skills levels.  This data provided the framework for the development of a targeted NT Defence Industry maritime skills capacity identification project.

The forward-facing Insight summarizes some of the key findings emanating from the ISACNT Defence Industry maritime maintenance report and the related ISACNT Defence support industries analysis.

Occupations in demand, related career pathways, the status of training and availability within the NT are presented.  These findings provide key information relating to current NT Defence Industries maritime maintenance workforce capacity and its future development. 

The opportunity for overall improvements in NT Defence Industry maritime maintenance workforce are clearly defined.  A focus on a staged development of advanced electro technology, mechanical, engineering, electrical and broader management skilling within the NT is identified as a priority.  A focus on these qualifications will provide a basis for stronger workforce performance and industry cross sector adaptability.

Future workforce demands in key industry sectors such as Defence, Mining, Energy and Oil and Gas, are currently being identified.  The Insight identifies that the NT is very well positioned to grow a skilled workforce to meet the demands of the future. 

Given the extensive training lead times required to develop comprehensive workforce skilling, the time to act is now.

ISACNT Defence Maritime Maintenance Insight is available by clicking HERE 

A PDF version of the Insight is downloadable from this link.