ISACNT enjoyed take your dog to work day

ISACNT opened the doors today to an altogether different cohort of stakeholders by supporting the annual ‘take your dog to work’ event. Five friendly pooches of all shapes and sizes joined their humans in the office and contributed positively to the workplace environment in what proved to be a very successful day.

The opportunity to spend the working day with canine companions may sound a light hearted and novel event, however several studies have been published that highlight the positive difference that having a dog at work creates. The research has demonstrated that there is a reduction in stress levels, a major contributor to employee absenteeism, and an increase to moral in the workplace. Dogs act as social catalysts, thereby enhancing communication, collaborative working and organisational satisfaction.

An additional purpose to the take your dog to work scheme was to underline the benefits of pet ownership and animal adoption; notably the role of animal welfare organisations in the rehoming of rescue animals. The ISACNT team made a collection for Paws Darwin, a local Territory focused animal shelter, which pleased one of the canine team in particular, Argo, as he was given a second chance to life through Paws.

Take your dog to work day has been a wonderful event for both humans and canines alike. There is genuine alignment to ISACNT’s core business however as creative thinking and approaching problems from a different perspective are key in the development of sustainable strategies for tomorrow’s workforce in the Northern Territory.