An Insight into Mining

The word ‘mining’ invokes a varied response from different individuals globally. 

The industry’s' operations have been, and continues to be, contentiously debated especially in the contemporary context when juxtaposed to society becoming 'woke' to pressing environmental needs.

However, as we all know, there are many facets that plug into play in any given scenario in every given context. This industry is no different.

Throughout history, we as the human civilization have undertaken a learning journey into understanding and harnessing the elements that bestow this third rock from the Sun.

As technologies exponentially expedite the utilisation of AI and other arms of science in this field, as so it demands, the soft skills of the workforce remains an ever present necessity in the growth and sustainment of this industry.

On the ground, having a real feel of workforce skills, capacity and capabilities is a challenge for any and every industry.

This Mining Insight embarked on a path to uncover what industry has to say, where strengths and where pressure points lie. It also looked at where the future potential lies and how we as the NT might look to benefit from this.

The NT remains a globally attractive destination for mining activities, and given our abundant resources rich nature, one hopes this does not change and our prospects are always positive.

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