Insight into the Fishing & Aquaculture Industry in the NT

The fishing and aquaculture industry in the Northern Territory is more important than ever with the increasing global demand for high-quality seafood as a key driver. Have you considered what the industry means to the reputation of the Territory and our future geopolitical and economic growth?

We went about exploring this diverse primary industry to answer these questions and we want to share our insights with you.

The importance of the fishing and aquaculture industry

Did you know the vast array of aquatic life in the Northern Territory inhabits more than half a million square kilometres of pristine coastal waters and seasonal river systems? The abundant marine and riverine life support commercial and recreational fishing activity as well as breathing life into remote and coastal communities.

The economic impact of the sector goes far beyond the value of the fisheries and aquaculture farms. The industry supports and is supported by, a wide range of businesses and enterprises including wild catch, fish farming, seafood processing, product trade, recreational fishing and tourism. Resulting in highly significant value to industry and the Northern Territory of $735 Million.

Why this research is important

ISACNT engaged with numerous industry stakeholders to develop an insight into the Northern Territory fishing and aquaculture industry where trends, challenges and opportunities relevant to the industry were identified. Industry sustainability is essential and the best way we can support this is by identifying occupations in demand and associated career pathways.

This new industry insight helps to support a collaborative approach to strengthen the industry. It will see partnering and idea sharing between industry and traditional owners in coastal fisheries and in the development of businesses in remote locations.

We are pleased to announce the release of this industry research. Fishing and Aquaculture 2019 Insight