The Industry Paving the way out of the Pandemic

The Territory’s construction industry has long been experiencing workforce challenges across all sub-sectors and geographical regions. These workforce challenges worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic, as government stimulus packages and tenders (e.g. home improvement schemes, defence upgrades and infrastructure investments) have extended the amounts of work being undertaken within the NT. ISACNT’s workforce study into the NT’s construction industry confirmed the industry’s current workforce challenges.

The stakeholders expressed to ISACNT that the short-term grant-based contractual nature makes it challenging to undertake long-term workforce planning for businesses. At the same time, it also makes it difficult to engage apprentices or trainees. However, these challenges may be minimised by more continuous delivery of tenders together with more flexible apprentice/trainee models to accommodate the industry’s short-term contractual nature.

Nevertheless, the Territory’s construction workforce is hardworking and ready to take upon new challenges to grow the industry. Likewise, the workforce is willing to adapt to new technologies, making the industry safer and more productive. 

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