The Industry Championing The Territory's Development

The construction industry for a decade has been among the top five contributors to the Northern Territory's (NT) Gross State Product (GSP) and employment. On average, the industry employs 8.2% of the NT's workforce and contributes over 10.3% to the GSP. However, the past few years have seen the sector's strength reduced significantly below what it is traditionally known for.

In recent times, the construction industry has been positioned to accelerate the NT's COVID-19 recovery process. This has increased construction stimulus packages in the form of government grants and funding. In effect, an industry boom has occurred and resulted in acute workforce challenges. Also, the adoption of emerging technologies across the sub-sectors of the industry has created new occupations and skillsets. These new occupations and skillsets over the years are challenging to fill. These factors, coupled with the sector's potential to expand and adopt advanced technology, may create training gaps and could exacerbate existing workforce challenges already confronting the industry.

Unfortunately, up to date workforce data of the construction industry in the NT rarely exists. This has sometimes hindered workforce planning and development, which is key to the industry's growth. To profile the construction industry's workforce, ISACNT is calling on stakeholders in the NT to participate in the Construction Insight research. The participation of stakeholders in this research will provide an opportunity to understand the contextual issues impacting the sector and local businesses.

All stakeholders who are interested in participating in this research or require further clarification should please contact the research team;   

Name Phone Email

Matthew Abunyewah

08 8967 1592

Bettina Blackwood

08 8967 1594

Jevon Bangar

08 7913 7512