Hospitality Insight

Late in 2019, Industry Skills Advisory Council Northern Territory (ISACNT) commenced a research piece looking into the hospitality sector. ISACNT have a suite of industry Insights that look to uncover the nature of an industry, the training and skilling needs, and the workforce profile of a chosen sector. This Insight, entitled the Hospitality Insight, had work commence to unpack this industry and explore the sector. The usual methodology that the research and projects team engage in includes industry consultation with various stakeholder engagements. Unbeknown to most of the world, a virus was slowly making its way out of Asia and had started to infect the entire globe. The damaging effect that this had on the sector cannot be overstated. This also had repercussions on the work that was undertaken here at ISACNT. A decision was made not to release the Insight at that time. ISACNT felt that it would have been too insensitive given the pain the sector was experiencing. It was decided that at a later date, when the impacts of the COVID19 were better understood, and the sector was perched in a better position to recover, that this Insight would be released. That time has come.

The Insight carries a disclaimer at the start of the document to express acknowledgement that COVID19 had impacted the industry and in many ways, and continues to do so.

Even before the impacts of COVID19, the hospitality industry already faced several occupations and skill shortages. These occupations included Chefs, Bakers, Hotel Managers, and Hotel Service Managers, all of which require specific qualifications and vocationally trained skills. The good news is that the NT has locally-based Registered Training Organisations with the infrastructure, trainers, and experience to deliver most of these skills in demand to fill occupational and skill gaps. Post COVID-  19 has seen restricted international travel, translating to previously reliable sources of employment such as backpackers and international students, now have become scarce.

As the hospitality industry resurges to its former glory, the timing now could not be more perfect. The dry season is upon the Northern Territory (NT), and visitors both local and inter-state are flocking to the NT to visit the Territory’s natural wonderments on offer. However, some challenges that are facing the sector could also turn into an opportunity for whether you are seeking employment, not sure what to study or a career path in the hospitality industry, then please take a look at the occupations in demand to guide your decision making.

Read the Insight here.