Get SET: Skills, Employment, Training Program

A local solution to grow the health care and social assistance workforce.

Community services work matters have become a central theme that has been applied throughout the development of Get SET, Skills, Employment Training Program resources.  Much has been reported locally and nationally about the expected growth in community services and health industries jobs.  

When I started working on this project and beginning to develop a clear picture of the workforce required to support the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rollout across Northern Territory (NT), it became clear that not enough was being done to develop-up the workforce.  Employers repeatedly spoke about the challenges they experienced to fill, retain and upskill existing support workers.  These jobs were identified by many to be critical for their business to be well positioned to meet the current and future needs of clients who were becoming eligible for support as the NDIS rolled out across the Top-End of the Territory.    

I also found myself having to remind people why work in the community and health industries matters!

The care and support of others to ensure everyone is provided with the maximum opportunity to live full and happy lives, should not be something we have to struggle with to provide.  Who cares if no one is there to care?

Understanding the ‘why’ and ‘what’ was needed with employers was that support workers were in critically short supply! Being able to visualise what this job looked like when done well has informed the Get SET Program approach. To turn around the current workforce shortage would require that all parties to this workforce became actively involved in the development of current and future workers. 

Get SET Program provides a suite of resources, designed with employers to meet the growing demand for more workers in health care and social assistance work.  Resource content informs workers about expected behaviours and work-based guidelines.  

I am proud to have led a small team in the development of this program that is now freely available for viewing and download via ISACNT website and at the App Store or Google Play in IOS and Android format

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is dedicated to the vision of a community that values people with disabilities.  Use of Get SET, Skills, Employment Training program can help achieve this vision!