Future of Work

For many of us we are standing at the cross roads of workplace globalisation.

Do you think the impact of automation will replace repetitive tasks, provide space to generate and apply new ideas in the workplace?

As we rapidly move into the 21st Century, life long learning will become the norm.

ISACNT invite you to experience how technology will coexist in our workplace.

Get creative and apply your critical thinking skills when you visit ISACNT at this year’s NT Skills, Employment and Careers Expo.

Learn about;

  • the new mindset of skills clusters and portable skills for jobs of the future with the aim to shift from prompting job outcomes through qualification training
  • the value of 21st Century Skills to employers
  • the value of lifelong learning through opportunities for up-skilling and re-skilling

and explore automation, artificial intelligence and digitalization with hands-on activities.

Who am I?

My cute personality will encourage you to interact with me and unlock a world of activities together. I tell funny jokes, ask you to play when I am bored and am very cheeky.

Come meet me...... at the ISACNT Stand!