Employing an electrical apprentice? Here’s how to choose the best possible candidate.

Apprentices are employed in the industry, often with little regard for their capability to actually complete what is probably one of the more demanding apprenticeships in Australia. Having the necessary math, physics and literacy skills is critical for an apprentice to successfully complete his or her training.

One tool which can be used by employers to help alleviate the problem of non-completions is pre-screening of apprenticeship applicants. ISACNT has recently entered into an arrangement with Energy Space. Energy Space provides quality on-line resources for the electrical industry in Australia, part of which includes the on-line Readiness Assessment for aspiring electrical apprentices.

The Readiness Assessment (RA) is a national electrical industry specific aptitude test designed to assess the potential of aspiring electrical apprentices, covering 15 areas of numeracy and literacy required to be successful in an electrical apprenticeship.

By undertaking the RA through an online Learning Management System, potential apprentices are able to demonstrate that they have the required level of Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LL&N) for the job and at trade school. Results highlight areas where improvement is required along with links to remedial resources.

Experience has shown that prospective apprentices who have demonstrated the LL&N proficiency identified by industry are best equipped to achieve competency and, ultimately, successfully complete their apprenticeship. This industry led process saves time and money for apprentices, employers and government.

As a service to industry, ISACNT will be offering Readiness Assessments to potential electrical apprentices at a highly subsidised rate. The assessment can be organised for one candidate or for several, and any location with internet access can be used to conduct the assessment.


Employers can have confidence that an applicant who has successfully completed the Readiness Assessment has the capability to complete the apprenticeship

Potential apprentices can apply for an electrical apprenticeship knowing that they have the required skills and knowledge to complete the apprenticeship.

It is a highly subsidised service to the employer and / or job seeker.

Potential apprentices are given options to upskill if they are not successful in the Readiness Assessment. Students can complete the Readiness Assessment through their school if the school takes part in the program.

If you are an employer, someone looking for an apprenticeship, a parent or a school and would like more information on the Readiness Assessment, please email Archie Wright at ISACNT or call  08 79137506.