Caring for the Land – Cluster Skills

Territory Natural Resource Management Forum was held in Darwin recently where a host of informative speakers delivered on topics from Savanna Fire, Gouldian Finch research, Invasive Weed Management along with Indigenous Ranger groups outlining their work to combat weeds, fire management, to feral animals.

This then lead me to think about the skills that would be required to undertake these roles.

A recent report from Foundation for Young Australians suggests that there is a need for a mindset shift in our approach to what jobs, careers and work would likely be available in the future.

They identify 7 job clusters and  identified that if you train for one job, the skills acquired would cover 13 other jobs, on average. 

Taking this one step further, employment as a fire officer may lead to a role in natural resource management, life science technician or corporate service management.  Transferable skills include communication, project management, natural resource management, or research and data analysis.

Current land management programs in the NT include:

  • Managing Fire
  • Preventing and managing weeds
  • Reducing the impacts of feral animals
  • Endangered species
  • Industry adoption of sustainable practices
  • Water resources and soil management and so much more

The ISACNT team will be at the 2017 Skills Employment Careers Expo so come and visit the team, complete a short quiz and see what career pathway may suit your lifestyle choices.

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