Aged Care Indigenous Induction Program: Receive your free guide

The National Aged Care Workforce Census and Survey (NACWCS) – The Aged Care Workforce, 2016 identified over 360,000 people working in aged care across Australia. 

This workforce will need to grow to an estimated 980,000 by 2050 to meet the needs of increasing numbers of older Australians accessing aged care services.

It’s a tremendous increase in workers, and requires a proactive approach to encourage people into the profession and to support them once they are there.

First impressions really do stick with new workers, and if they’re given a great induction, they’re more likely to stay in the role, experience greater satisfaction and communicate better with colleagues.

In support of this, we’re offering a complimentary buddy guide with the specific purpose of supporting the induction of Indigenous aged care workers.

Aged care in the Northern Territory

Health conditions associated with ageing often affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people earlier than other Australians. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can access aged care services from 50 years old, in comparison to 65 years old for the broader population.   

Currently there are skill shortages in aged care work across urban, regional, and remote locations of the Northern Territory. In 2016, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people only accounted for 1 per cent of aged care residential direct care workforce.   

Collateral for the induction of Indigenous aged care workers

One of our core aims is to ensure that Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people are supported to develop specific skills, knowledge and understanding of aged care to work with colleagues, communities and other aged care service provider stakeholders. We identified that a buddy guide would be of great use to:

  • Introduce the organisation and its workplace culture
  • Provide new workers with information about the job, the organisational workplace and their role to enable them to be as productive as possible as quickly as possible

To complement the buddy guide, we have also included topic cards and posters, giving you an array of resources to support both the onboarding of new staff as well as guide those already in the workplace. You can use these tools to:  

  • Inform tool box talks in the workplace
  • Guide a weekly staff meeting agenda topic
  • Support cultural competency for staff, especially around communication, terminology and developing shared values and beliefs in the workplace  
  • Compliment training packages. Registered Training Providers can incorporate the resource into curriculum delivery   

The nine topics are presented in a simple document for the worker, providing key information and some tips to focus on. The message is simple and to the point so as not to overwhelm a new worker. The buddy guide does not replace nationally accredited vocational qualifications for aged care or in-house organisational workplace induction. 

How to request the buddy guide

The resources were developed by Human Services Training Advisory Council (HSTAC) just prior to the amalgamation of all industry training advisory councils to one association - Industry Skills Advisory Council, Northern Territory (ISACNT).

We’re providing this complimentary resource to you as a good practice guide. Simply visit the web page and download the guide.

In my work with ISACNT, I continue to work with employers in aged care supporting vocational training and welcome your engagement. 

You can get in touch via our website or send me a message directly on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to follow the Industry Skills Advisory Council LinkedIn page for all our latest updates.