Aged Care Indigenous Induction Program (ACIIP)

The Aged Care Indigenous Induction Program provides guidance to those who are supporting the induction of Indigenous aged care workers.

First impressions make a real difference to the experience had by new workers

  • introducing the organisation and its workplace culture;
  • providing new workers with information about the job, the organisational workplace and their role to enable them to be as productive as possible as quickly as possible.
  • provides the key material to cover induction for aged care workers and the opportunity to add your own organisation’s workplace procedures and policies

  • includes a ‘Glossary’ of key words and their meanings that are frequently used in aged care

  • provides checkpoints that can be used to check on knowledge that has been developed through the induction includes:
          -  detailed notes, video clips and images
          -  copies of pdfs that can be reproduced
          -  brief topic cards with key information for
          -  topic cards with more comprehensive
          -  a journal for workers to record their experiences 

The Buddy Guide

Induction serves a number of purposes including:

Topic cards and posters are included in the pack to provide you with the tools you need to support staff in your workplace.

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the Buddy Guide and topic cards

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