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Defence Support Industries

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The security of Australia, guaranteeing the sovereignty of maritime borders especially in the north and protecting onshore and offshore critical infrastructure is a national priority, vital to the economic and domestic security of Australia and its trading partners. The Northern Territory, and particularly Darwin, due to its strategic location, is crucially important to this end. 

Ensuring Australia’s sovereign capability includes creating opportunities for Australians to use their expertise, experience and trade and technical skills to supply and support the Australian Defence Force and Australian Border Force. 

Defence Support Industries – NT businesses that conduct local repairs, maintain Defence assets and equipment, and supply parts and services - provide significant cost savings for Defence. In return, these services create direct and indirect jobs, building infrastructure and generate demand for local services. 


12,000 Defence personnel and family members live in the NT
Significant capital investment committed to new Darwin maritime infrastructure

$1.9 billion Defence spending in the NT in

$20 billion NT Defence expenditure estimated over the next 20 years

Ship lift and Marine Industry Park

Ship lift and Marine Industry Park

$100 million committed by NT Government

NT’s vision is to be a ‘key Defence and national security hub and the primary centre for maintenance and sustainment of facilities and assets deployed to the region’.

NT Defence and National Security Strategy, NT Government, 2018

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